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The team here at Code 1 Medic help make it a little easier for on road paramedics. From our popular Medications Index to the torches that help you read it in the dark.

Take a look at the the Nitecore Thumb, it’s the best little light on your pocket. So many paramedics are raving about this little torch. 

COMING SOON – THE NEW PARAMEDIC T-shirtswe are currently setting up some new designs and a new ordering system. Check back again later for full access and ordering. 






One of our customers emailed us shortly after receiving his Paramedic Pocket Book


” I have already used the obs boxes and free text for pt’s tonight. Its great for simple falls as well as trauma. Plus it is more professional than a scrap of paper. The contents of the booklet are brilliant. Very relevant information in a very handy guide. By chance we had our first burns pt in years today and the booklet came invaluable! All in all I feel I have made a great purchase “.


Paramedic, Australia

About Code 1 Medic

  • Code 1 Medic was originally known as Ambo Pocket Cards until a re-branding in June 2018.
  • Our products are designed by Paramedics for Paramedics, Nurses, First Aid Officers and front line Emergency Workers.
  • At Code 1 Medic we aim to provide you with the tools that fit into your pocket so that you can reach them at anytime.
  • Thousands of Paramedics and Nurses across Australia are using our Medications Index and Paramedic Pocket Books.

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