Paramedic Pocket Book


Write what you need on the covers. Search inside the book for a multitude of different pre-hospital care prompts and images. The best little resource in your pocket! Full description here.

Comes with FREE Monami Pen and FREE SHIPPING

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With FREE Monami Pen and FREE postage to Australian and New Zealand customers only
Write on the cover templates, wont smudge, then wipe off with alcohol wipes. You can use the templates again and again.
Inside the book:
* MIST template (cover)
* Glasgow Coma Scale, Average Vital Signs, Pupil size chart
* Anatomy and Physiology
* Common Lab result values (ie Normal INR levels)
* Paramedic Questions and prompts
* ECG and heart guide
* MVA reporting guide
* METHANE reporting guide
* Seizure classification diagram
* Sepsis and Stroke reporting guide
* Patient details template
For International customers ordering from outside of Australia there is an $8.00 shipping fee (flat rate) that is added to your order during the payment process.