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The latest version Medications Index 

  •  Has over 4000 generic and brand medication names.
  •  Improved index system with detailed descriptions of generic medications.
  •  Includes overdose content for Aspirin, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Diazepam and Codeine.
  •  Abbreviations section with prefixes and suffixes guide.
  •   Covid -19 vaccines and treatments section.

Example: You have a patient. They say they are on Denpax for cancer pain. You are not sure what Denpax is. Look it up in the Medications Index A-Z list of drug names. Find Denpax and it will direct you to what type of drug it is and what it is used for.

Denpax = Fentanyl. [S8] (Synthetic opioid analgesic). Breakthrough pain relief for moderate to severe pain. Used for trauma, cancer patients and post-op patients or as an opioid adjunct during general anaesthesia.

Our most popular little resource packed with thousands of medications and links to help you decipher what type of drug your patient is on?

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The Medication Index makes finding a multitude of medications so much easier.

Huge list of most commonly prescribed medications in Australia

Generic and Brand names drugs (over 4,000 medications listed) 
Colored Index for easier location of information
2 Page index system to identify what type of medication a drug is
Cautions and warning notes of dangerous drugs
Drug overdose signs and symptoms
Easy “How to use this card” guide
Handy hints on pharmacology
Drug overdose guide for common medications

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